Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing may be thought of as old fashioned and some go as far as to say that it is dead. However, the reality is that email marketing remains one of the best ways to build a responsive audience with customers.

Why email marketing is so successful

Email Marketing Service

Email allows you to engage in conversation about your business and products in a more personal environment - the inbox. This notion is supported by the fact that the email inbox remains the preferred channel for permission based marketing messages.

According to the Direct Marketing Association email produces a "ROI of around 4,300%", making email marketing an extremely cost effective solution. Utilized correctly email can be used to engage with your customers and drive sales.

Benefits of email marketing

  • Cost-effective way of promotion
  • Build loyal customers with valuable content
  • Generate referrals and word of mouth
  • Easy to track performance
  • Higher conversion rates boost your bottom line

Getting your business started

Email Marketing Consultants

Our consultants will help you develop a winning email marketing strategy. We also manage email campaigns for businesses. We can help you unlock the potential of email marketing, increase brand awareness and increase revenues.

We can help you:

  • develop your value exchange - offering valuable and purpose driven content for your customers valuable time
  • create great content
  • build your email subscriber list - the right way! Nobody likes spam!
  • embrace email marketing & improve you revenue