Call Tracking

Call Tracking

No matter how you're advertising your business, you need to know how effective your marketing is, and whether you're investing your marketing budget wisely or not.

With Call Tracking you can find out which of your marketing mediums is bringing you the most business, and plan your budget accordingly. Call Tracking lets you assign unique telephone numbers to each of your marketing mediums, and generates reports on the call volume you receive per medium, giving you important insight into which advertising medium is actually bringing you business.

    Call Tracking Services Johannesburg
  • Monitor Your Marketing Results
  • Know Your R.O.I (Return On Investment)
  • Allocate Your Marketing Budget Where It Counts
  • Split Test Advertisements
  • Fixed Monthly Cost, Unlimited Minutes
  • Make Intelligent Advertising Decisions

Who Should use call tracking

If you're spending money on advertising and marketing, then you should invest in Call Tracking to help ensure you're getting the best possible ROI from your marketing budget. Whether you're a small, medium or large enterprise, if you advertise, you need to know how well your adverts work, regardless of how big your budget is. Call Tracking is ideal for companies where call leads are important for your business.

How does call tracking work

  1. We Supply Specialised Call Tracking Numbers.
  2. These numbers automatically and seamlessly forward to your office number.

  3. You Add These Call Tracking Numbers To Your Marketing.
  4. Assign one Call Tracking Number to each marketing channel you wish to track.

  5. Analytics Software Generates Reports On Each Number.
  6. A call to a Call Tracking Number is logged by our system, showing which marketing method motivated the call.

  7. You Analyse Your Statistics & Reports.
  8. Access your real-time, online reporting tool, and see which marketing medium brought you the most leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  9. Spend Your Budget On Marketing That Works.
  10. With accurate reporting on marketing results, you can focus your marketing budget on the channels that bring you the most business.